Food Friday: Aloha Dogs Edition

This week we’re going to venture out to the islands. Oh yes the islands of Hawaii!

This Food Friday I’m showing you my newfound obsession: Kona Dog.

Kona Dog’s are  “Authentic Hawaiian-Style Hot Dogs”, I’ve never been to Hawaii, so in the mean time I’ll take the signs word for it. Why not right? Anyways there’s four steps to building, yes I said building, your dog.

Step 1: Picking the Dog

You have choices between a regular hot dog, spicy sausage, and a veggie dog. I’ve chosen the regular hot dog both times that I went. it’s not anything tiny either. It’s very juicy and is a large size.

Let me also note that all the dogs come in a sweet roll, but it’s more like a loaf of bread with a hole in the middle to place the dog. Believe me It’s great. Moving on….

Step 2: Pick a Kona sauce

This is just the sauce they use. It all has a garlic lemon base. So you can pick between Original (Garlic Lemon), Spicy (Jalepeno), or Hot (Chili Pepper). I’ve gotten the Spicy both times, it has a kick to it, but it’s not gonna burn your mouth.

Step 3: Pick a Fruit Sauce

Okay here’s where it gets weird, fruit on a hot dog? Don’t knock it till you try it guys! Choices here are coconut, mango, Pineapple, and Banana. I’ve tried the coconut and the pineapple one, both delish!

If you don’t want to go the whole fruity endevour, you can always get the traditional toppings, like ketchup and mustard. (BOOOORRRIIINNNGGGG)

Step 4: Pick a Mustard

You have another four choices here: pineapple mustard, mango mustard, spicy brown, and regular yellow. I’ve done the pineapple and mango mustards, they were both great.

The end result is in the picture below. A delicious dog ready for you to devour. Say that three times fast!


I also HIGHLY recommend the Maui Onion chips. They are addictive!!

I’ve tried two different combinations and they’ve both come out great. If you wanna try them out here they are:

1. Original Dog > Hot Sauce > Mango > Pineapple Mustard

2. Original Dog > Hot Sauce > Coconut > Mango Mustard

I really like this place. The atmosphere is relaxing. The staff is friendly. The food is great. I love to hit them up at the end of a night to just unwind and relax. So if you are in the area I really suggest you go try it out!!

6312 International Dr, Orlando FL 32819


M-Th  11:30 AM – 2:30 PM and 6-10 PM
Fri-Sat  11:30 AM – Midnight
Sun  11:30 AM – 10 PM


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