{Don’t Overlook} Universal Orlando Edition

This week we are going to take a hop, skip, and a jump away from Walt Disney World over to Universal.
I sometimes think that as a whole Universal is the underdog park, overshadowed by it’s little brother Islands of Adventure. In my heart, since it was the original I love it, I remember when even Citywalk didn’t exist and you parked right in front of the arches. And though I do have a couple of bones to pick with them (*cough* replacing Back to the Future with The Simpsons COME ON! *cough), it’s still a

But we aren’t here to walk down memory lane. We will leave that for another time. Let’s get down to business!

Universal has only a handful of attractions, so seeing the majority of it in one day is mostly possible. I think this makes it most difficult to make this list up for this park. But I’m going to go with what I think.

First up, we have a show. A show? Yes ladies and gents, a show. Actually a show that I always remember being there ( actually it’s been there since 1992) since I was a kid. This is Beetlejuice’s Rock n’ Roll Graveyard Review.

This is a show packed with the Ghost with the Most as your host, Beetlejuice of course, and the ‘classic” Universal monsters which include: Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein, and Bride of Frankenstein. After saying BJ’s name 3 times (I don’t even think I can write it in this post 3 times without something bad happening…) you transform this group of monsters into rock stars. They then perform an array of great popular songs. Mixed with jokes and commentary between the songs, it turns into a great show all in all.

You can laugh and sing along with the whole family in this show. It has various shows during the day so be sure to check the park map for the times the day that you are in the park.

I’ve always been a fan of BJ (lol I’m trying guys, I’m trying!) since I was a kid. Aside from the movie, there also used to be a cartoon. I also remember at the end of the show the whole cast would stand in the back and you could take pictures and get autographs, although I’m kinda sad they don’t do that anymore. I need to find my old autograph book!

Our next “attraction” isn’t a ride really, it’s more on an entire area. I’m talking about Curious George Goes to Town. This is a water play area, but I don’t necessarily consider it an area for just kids. Anybody can have loads of fun!

The front part of this area is all water, it has two levels, large water buckets, water guns, you name it. If you want to get wet this is the #1 spot to be. This place is especially favorable in that “lovely” (read with sarcasm) summer weather.

The back part is the Ball Factory. Vacuum’s and small air guns to peg your friends and family with soft colorful balls. I think it’s a fun all out battle type of place.

I thought it was a very fun and refreshing place to hang out in the park!

Also on another visit to Universal I tried to look for something desert oriented but also unique to Universal (kind of like the different desserts you can find at disney like one I wrote about here). I have to say I had a LOT of trouble with this task. Most of the sweets around the park are exactly the same with no real uniqueness to itself. So after searching and walking (and feet hurting) I FINALLY found something!

There is a little place right across from the Earthquake Distaster ride called the San Francisco Pastry Co. In there they sell a couple of sandwiches, and some sweet things. Other than the usual dessert fare that you can find also anywhere else in the park, I found one thing that stood out to me: The Chocolate Mocha Pyramid.

Tastes kind of like a tiramisu in a sense with loads and loads of different layers. Also a little bit more on the cake-y side, instead of being wet. It was rather good though dessert though to be honest. I was happy with my selection. So next time you’re around the area with a sweet tooth, check it out.

That’s it for a couple of things to not miss on your next visit to Universal Orlando!

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